Masonek Law Offices.

Is an international legal office with over 26 years’ experience, with offices in the United States, El Salvador and Argentina. We are dedicated to providing a wide variety of national and international legal services.  Our team consists of attorneys who are licensed and authorized to practice in foreign countries and the United States, enabling us to offer a unique service in the legal field.

If you are located in Central America, South America or the United States and have legal issues, business, legal problems with any judicial department, Masonek Law Offices is without doubts your best choice. Our clients have the advantage of contacting the local office; communicate with lawyers speaking their own language, and to settle their international legal problems, without traveling, and simultaneously to be advised by our professionals directly in the place of origin.

We have the most qualified team of bilingual lawyers of the market, connoisseurs of the Salvadorian, Argentine, and American laws, which combined with our administrative staff, with extensive experience in the international field, they ensuring the best possible result for every case.

Our offices are located in the provinces of San Salvador, El Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and California, United States. This will make it possible for customers to be in constant contact with our lawyers at their most convenience location, because since once our clients are registered in any of our offices, their cases can be treated and consulted in any of the countries where our offices are, with the same seriousness and professionalism. This is extremely important because search, contact and work with foreign lawyers at a distance, usually resulting an endless number of disadvantages, which in Masonek Law Offices, are solved from the first moment. It doesn’t matter where the matter should be resolved, our office has the means to address them.



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